Caliban is an intriguing new work from Gregory Leadbetter.

Long after the tumultuous events of Shakespeare’s The Tempest, Caliban returns to the island, having been given his freedom by Prospero and entrusted with a secret task. Experimenting with the resonance of texture and sound that he discovers in the lyrical interplay between Elizabethan and contemporary English, Gregory Leadbetter gives an authentic new voice, and an intriguing new life, to this most enigmatic of Shakespeare’s creations.

‘Magical, complex and deeply rewarding, Greg Leadbetter’s Caliban is the most elegant of dances. Shakespeare’s lost and freckled “moon calf” is washed up on The Tempest beach to give double voice – the Tudor and the current – both to himself and to these two poets who’ve created him. Though they might speak in different tongues, they are united by the endlessness of tides and time. What splendid alchemy is this?’
Jim Crace

Listen to Greg reading from Caliban at its Birmingham launch here:


28 pages


ISBN 9781915968029

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