Binyon ‘The Call and the Answer’

The Call and the Answer by Laurence Binyon 

Release date July 2018


It was on this same day that I watched the battlefield, sinister with all the science of desolation, and heard the guns blankly echo about the flayed and barren hills. Barrenness and destruction triumphed there, as if men’s one desire were to disnature earth, to blast the tree, choke the spring, shrivel the grass, and most of all to break, maim, blind, and utterly destroy the body into which their souls were born.

In 1917 the Red Cross invited Laurence Binyon to write an account of its activites. He spent a month visiting numerous hospitals and field canteens on the Western Front, and talking to the men and women who were serving as volunteer nurses, doctors, ambulance drivers, orderlies and canteen workers.
This is his account of that journey and their heroism. Originally published as For Dauntless France in 1918, this abridged edition makes their story available for the first time since initial publication.

Introduction by Llorenç O’Prey